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Brief Data Visualization Portfolio


Through my work at the Center for Integrated Data Analytics, I’ve created many interactive web-based data visualizations. I highlight a few of the publicly-available works below. Disclaimers Descriptions of the apps are my own – they are not representative of the US … Continue reading

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Avoid “for in” loops in JavaScript

Newcomers to JavaScript from other programming languages often neglect an important aspect that makes their code prone to subtle, difficult-to-detect bugs down the road. JavaScript’s "for in" loop is not your C-like-language’s “for each” construct. "for in" enumerates all properties of … Continue reading

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JavaScript OOP reference for Java Programmers


JavaScript features a prototype-based object model that is distinct from the class-based object models of languages like C++ and Java. JavaScript is capable of many of the object-oriented features of the aforementioned languages. This post serves as a succinct reference for … Continue reading

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Stop Wiscmail Spam

Many students at UW-Madison complain that they receive an inordinate amount of spam. Since I’m studying abroad in Madrid this semester, and 95% of the bulk mailings bear no relevance to me, the problem was all the more frustrating. Spam … Continue reading

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