Various programming projects created for fun, work, or class:

New Release of the Gephi Minimum Spanning Tree Plugin


At the end of 2015 the Gephi team released version 0.9. Version 0.9 contained many important core innovations that necessarily broke backwards compatibility, and with it, some plugins. The Minimum Spanning Tree plugin broke. I recently fixed it to work … Continue reading

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Brief Data Visualization Portfolio


Through my work at the Center for Integrated Data Analytics, I’ve created many interactive web-based data visualizations. I highlight a few of the publicly-available works below. Disclaimers Descriptions of the apps are my own – they are not representative of the US … Continue reading

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Gephi Spanning Tree Plugin Finally Available


I published a plugin for Gephi, an open source graph data structure visualization and analysis platform. The plugin calculates a minimum spanning tree of a graph data structure via Kruskal’s Algorithm. The plugin can be installed like any other plugin on the … Continue reading

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Kruskal’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm

wiki kruskal example mst

A description of the Kruskal's Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm is available on Wikipedia. I have reproduced the example graph from the Wikipedia article in several formats. Download various formats of both the initial graph and the final minimum spanning tree. Download various formats … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Open Source Movement

This presentation was created for LIS 201 – The Information Society at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Those interested in a more thorough introduction should view the documentary Codebreakers. Photo Credits In Order of Appearance … Continue reading

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C4 Screenshot

C4 is a game based off of Milton-Bradley’s Connect Four. C4 is the derivative of a Visual Basic computer science project that I started in my sophomore year of high school. The version completed for the project was pretty barebones … Continue reading

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