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Crystal Fighters – Folktronic Masterminds


These Basque-inspired British kids are having a really talented good time, whether they are in the club or in a field. AND SO CAN YOU!

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A Turko-Ruso-Proletarian Call to Action

The Turkish band Mor ve Ötesi caused a buzz when it released a video for the track Uyan. In the video, the song was set to Andrei Khrjanovsky’s  “Glass Harmonica,” an eerie and overtly anti-capitalist Russian cartoon from 1968. A more intimate way to … Continue reading

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East Infections: Chernobyl’s Multiculturalist Regurgitations

East Infections: Chernobyl's Multiculturalist Regurgitations

^ Click the image to watch the playlist! ^ I handpicked the most succulent recordings of the sanity-shattering gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello and stuck them in a playlist. The list kicks off with best-of studio recordings, transitions into acoustic … Continue reading

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Moroccan Immigration

After Romanians, Moroccans are the largest immigrant population in Spain. As with anywhere, immigration is an important facet of contemporary Spanish society. Although Morocco is quite close to Spain, their immigration issue deviates from the standard conception of US-Mexico border-hopping … Continue reading

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Obras kumbres kontrakulturales

todos juntos

Algo se me rompió en el cerebro en el segundo año de la secundaria. Esta ruptura tuvo algo que ver con Gogol Bordello y un suministro amplísimo de ponchos psicodélicos. A partir de entonces, no he podido derivar ninguna satisfacción … Continue reading

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Slightly Unsettling Spanish Shorts

I’ve seen 6 Spanish films that feature a strange cocktail of emotions — horror, sneaking paranoia, revulsion, and, bizarrely, humor. I actually discovered 5 of these short films at the 2010 Wisconsin International Film Fest, but one of my compañeros … Continue reading

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Danish Dancetime: Video for Analogik’s ‘Gypsie Doodle’


Analogik, from Aarhus, Denmark, describe their music as a whimsical and very entertaining blend of polka, jazz, Balkan, sailor shows, tango, hip hop and electronic music. I could not agree more. The track from the video above is Analogik’s ‘Gypsie … Continue reading

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‘Revival’ by Beats Antique

blind threshold cover

If you want to see more like this from Beats Antique, contribute to their Kickstarter Campaign. Beats Antique’s sonically succulent albums are available on bandcamp. Here’s hoping that their minimum-price-but-pay-more-if-you-like policy is a harbinger of music distribution to come.

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Fauna and Chancha Via Circuito – Para Mi


Fauna – Para Mi Download the Mp3 / Descargá el Mp3 First track off the new album Manshines (ZZK Records, 2011) / Primer corte de difusion del disco Manshines (ZZK Records, 2011) In loving memory of Catar_Sys / A la … Continue reading

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